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The company was founded in 1990. on the begining of the private initiative in bussines. From then until today is operating succesfully with three workers who covered technical and comercial, maintenance and administrative sector.

The founder and director is Mr. Josip MladiniŠ, Graduated mechanical engineer. Bussines started with primary idea to designing cooling and heating instalations, based on 10 years expiriance in ex - company Termofriz in Split.

The result of that was contract with company GavriloviŠ from Petrinja about equiping all supermarkets of ex-company Dalma with cooling and heating units and also provient storage food in town Solin.

After that was realised cooperation with existing agricultural cooperatives in Croatia, so as with private investors and activity of the company was very soon expanded. Beside the technical and consultanting service, it was developed the sector of purchasing, delivery, assembly and maintainence in purpose of modernization of olive machinery plants and instaling the new one.

The final result of this was completely designing, including feasibility studies, purchasing, instaling and maintainence of the olive oil plants.

In present time the company activity is aditionaly focused in sector of industrial application and food industry too.

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