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has developed from small engineering workshop , located in town Monsano, founded by Mr Adeodato Pieralisi, year 1888. in Italy.
At the end of the sixties of past century was developed new technology of exctraction olive oil - by using centrifuges, and in short time company PIERALISI become the world leader in this sector, covering more than 70% of it.
In the seventies of past century the company has decided to transfer its know - how and expirience of exctraction by centrifuging, in field of industrial and food applications, aiming at the global market in centrifuge.
So today with vast range of equipment and machinery PIERALISI GROUP is able to offer the large spectrum of centrifugation solutions in world wide industrial field. The result of this is that, today over 30000 Pieralisi centrifuges are running world-wide in various fields:
 - Industrial sector
 - Food industry
 - Dairy industry
 - Shugar industry
 - Wine industry
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