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Technological waste water treatment in the food industry

Food industry


As part of our service in the food industry, we can offer you preliminary design and supply of equipment and machines for technological waste water treatment, complete plant construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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Waste and technological water treatment plant in the food industry

Company COM-ING TRADE is active in the sale, installation and commissioning of plant and equipment for waste and technological water treatment plants in the food processing industry.

We offer technological wastewater treatment for several industries:

  • fish processing,
  • production of fruit juices,
  • wineries and wine production,
  • processing of potatoes,
  • meat and slaughterhouse processing,
Waste water treatment

Ecological plants in the food industry


The Pieralisi Group provides solutions for the processing of any type of Food or Drink. From the extraction of Fruit or Vegetable juices to the processing of Solid Food, up to the Extraction of Food Additives and the Wine Process.
Paying particular attention to the health and safety with which these products must be treated and in compliance with the World Wide regulations in relation to food is the Key to a successful operation.
All the parts of the Pieralisi Decanter and Separators that are in contact with the product are manufactured in Stainless Steel and are designed to fit in the CIP (cleaning in place) washing and sanitizing system, to ensure the absolute highest levels of hygiene.
Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables are vital for hydrating and maintaining the health of our bodies.
The choice of raw material is just as important as the technology needed to process and obtain high quality products.
The extensive experience gained over the years from Pieralisi offers a wide range of solutions for extracting fruit or vegetable juices and purees, ensuring the best nutritional quality of the finished product.

Amongst the primary foods, vegetable oil plays an important role and requires superior quality with respect to people’s health. The consumption of vegetable oils is expected to rise
with the world population since oils and fats are a basic nutrition. The quality of the end-product, for example, bottled sunflower oil, depends on the technology of refining and, of course, on the quality of the raw material.
Pieralisi mission is to contribute to excellent edible oil quality by supplying state-of-the-art centrifugal separation equipments as well as auxiliaries to facilitate the separation needs within the edible oil processing lines.
Pieralisi Group is the world’s leading company for separation technology by centrifugalforce.
The expertise of our qualified personnel staff enables the us to to offer our recycling area customers process solutions, which set the worldwide standard for economy, efficiency and sustained environmental protection in the treatment of recycling processes.
In applications in recycling area Pieralisi provides efficient solutions to treatment processes for sludge treatment, treatment and recycling of industrial fluids, recycling of polymers and their recyclables materials, recycling in industrial processes and many other applications.


Today by means of modern technology, animal by-products are converted to valuable market products.
Pieralisi with over 50 years of experience with decanter centrifuges can offer end users as well to dedicated process engineering companies several two and three phases separation solutions with superior product quality, lower investment costs, lower product waste and lower energy consumptions.
Pieralisi process specialists support customers for the right equipment selection according specific process demands, the optimization of process parameters in order to achieve the required results, on site equipment monitoring and fine-tuning for best quality and performance.
For the animal based products industry Pieralisi supply decanters for the dry and wet processing, where grease is removed from the light fat phase and disc stack separators used to purify fat from small solids particles and water to achieve top product quality.

Vegetable and animal milk products

Consumers are today more and more aware and informed and require to the food industry to provide healthy and wholesome food products that maintain their natural goodness and nutritional value over time, with competitive prices and long life.
Milk is certainly the most delicate raw food to be treated but even the simple drinking milk may contain different amounts of fat. If we consider the dairy products like butter, soft and hard cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, etc., it is clear how wide is the range of foods related to milk that require special equipments for their processing.

Nowadays, the vegetable milk products are gradually changing the eating habits of many people both for their nutritional values and their greater environmental and energy sustainability.
The separation process and the heat treatment of vegetable and animal milk products therefore require a deep knowledge of the field achieved by Pieralisi Group through years of experience, developing always new solutions to offer to their customers for all applications and process requirements of the milk and dairy industry.

In this sector, the main problem is the treatment of technological wastewaters arising from the treatment – treatment of various food products, as well as the finished food product.

– tallow, vegetable and fish oil – fish industry – cleaning of fish until final delivery to the customer, as well as production of fishmeal and fish oil

Waste water treatment

Fruit processing and juice production

– fruit – apple, pear for getting the juice from the same, where technological wastewater is generated as a by-product

When preparing juices before decanter, fruits or vegetables should be washed first, then depending on the type of fruit to grind and / or prune, preheat the ground mixture and perform enzymatic treatment and then insert it into the decanter and into the separator and then to pasteurization. An example of such a preparation is in the functional diagram below.

Waste water treatment

Wine production

– must and sludge in wine production

Waste water treatment

Processing of chicken meat and making of pate

- chicken oil and protein for pate making

In the meat industry, a specific example in the chicken industry where chickens are first
cooked and, when cooked, they release their fat in the form of a soup and extracting protein and fat from the soup through a separator..

Waste water treatment

Processing of potatoes, slaughterhouse, pig industry

– industrial processing of potatoes (yellow and gray stirk)
– pig industry, livestock slaughterhouses, and treatment of technological waste water

svinjska industrija 1
svinjska industrija 2
svinjska industrija 3
svinjska industrija 4

In these plants, the process generally proceeds in such a way that all the above mentioned food products are collected and pre-treated at the receiving points.

Sorting, crushing and heating

Sorting, crushing, heating are performed in the pre-treatment processes of food products

Rough separation

It is done rough separation of the liquid phase from the solid phase


It is done treatment of solid and liquid phases individually

Treatment of technological waste water

The resulting process technological waste water, as well as fruit juices, oil and protein, are finally treated in centrifugal decanter or separator with all accessories that is manufactured by Pieralisi

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