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Olive oil plant

If you have your own olive trees and you are planing to build mini olive oil plant for your own needs, the „IL MOLINETTO“ plant is for you.

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Mini plant

This plant is intended for olive growers or smaller olive growers who want to cultivate their own olives under their own quality control and quality of olive oil.

    The plant is intended for:

  • olive growers
  • smaller cooperatives

Also it is possible to treat the olives from other farmers, but smallerr quantities.



Description of the mini oilive oil plant

The plant capacity of about 150 to 230 kg of olives per hour is the smallest capacity produced by the Pieralisi factory and it is the „compact“ unit placed on a base made of stainless steel of dimensions approximately 2.8 m x 2.4 m x 1.9 m.
The capacity is about 150 – 230 kg of olive per hour, with installed power of approx. 14 Kw.

Working is in 2 phases, a wet huske, and there is no need for additional water in production.
The required installation space is approx. 6m x 8m.

Also on the side is provided a specially designed vertical centrifugal separator for ultimate quality processing and cleaning of the oil after decantation.

Equipment mini plant

Technical description

It is made of the following machines and equipment
  1. HOPPER in wich olives are directly by hand insert from bags, or „kašeta“.
  2. CRUSHER wich malaxing the olives.
  3. KNEADING MACHINE with double inter cooling surface , where is circulating the water for heating the pasta, capacity approximately 300 liters (280 kg).
  4. CENTRIFUGAL DECANTER „Molinetto“, capacity approximately 150 to 200 kg olives per hour
  5. VIBRO FILTER after decanter for colecting the oil, a volume of about 100 liters
    • mono pump type P40 for transporting the paste from kneading machine to decanter
    • mono pump type P50 for husk discharging (moist husk)
    • pump type EM24 for charging tank of separator with oil
  7. GENERAL CONTROL PANEL for control of whole plant

Another option is the centrifugal separator “Cucciolo” which is offered, and is the right solution for ffinal oil treatment and flitrating the oil, and next year it can be used whenever you buy a bigger plant.

Centrifugal SEPARATOR “Cucciolo” 1000/1200 on the support and its own electrical control

Contact us

If you have your own olives, and you want to have your own mini olive oil plant, contact us.

Company representative: GRUPPO PIERALISI




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